Do What Makes You Happy

I didn’t know what my passion was before finding this job.

It’s more than a job for me. I’m so happy that I’m doing what makes my heart beat!

Hawaii Realtor

I never thought that I would be a realtor in Hawaii. Well, more precisely, I never thought I would move to Hawaii. In 2019 while we were in San Antonio, my husband got his PCS orders to Oahu when I was 8-month-pregnant with my third baby. Being married to a Soldier, I know that IContinue reading “Hawaii Realtor”

Hawaii PCS

It was one of the biggest changes of my life to PCS to Hawaii. We were told that we would be stationed in Korea, and we were all excited because my parents and brother’s family were living in Korea. However, there was a last minute change that changed our destination to Oahu. Hawaii was actuallyContinue reading “Hawaii PCS”

Army Wife

Being an Army wife of an American Soldier was not the easiest job. When I was giving birth to my second child, we were in Austin, TX. My first boy was four years old, and my husband had to go to a chaplain school for training to become an Army chaplain. I honestly thought thatContinue reading “Army Wife”

A Girl With Many Dreams

When someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had an answer and then my answer changed so many times thereafter. At some point, I wanted to be a fashion designer, diplomat, travel blogger, chef, singer, anchorwoman, writer, tour guide, song writer, pianist, international lawyer, you name it! However IContinue reading “A Girl With Many Dreams”

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