Hawaii PCS

It was one of the biggest changes of my life to PCS to Hawaii. We were told that we would be stationed in Korea, and we were all excited because my parents and brother’s family were living in Korea. However, there was a last minute change that changed our destination to Oahu. Hawaii was actually our second preference, so we were not too disappointed about this change. The only thing was that I was more than 8 months pregnant by the time we moved to Hawaii, and living in the hotel for a few months with little boys was not the easiest. However, the most dreadful thing was the fact that I might give birth to a baby while we were at a hotel.

Fortunately, my baby girl waited until we bought a home in Hawaii and moved into the new house. I gave birth to a baby girl at Tripler Army Medical Center with the help of a wonderful midwife. My labor with all my three children was very long and hard, and I had them without epidurals as well.

Published by Agent Journal

My name is Erica Yoon, and I am a real estate agent in Hawaii. I wanted to write about my journey to help my clients achieve their dreams of buying their first home, resolve tough real estate decisions, and also record my own growth as a professional agent. I hope this post will be helpful for readers as well.

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