Hawaii Realtor

I never thought that I would be a realtor in Hawaii. Well, more precisely, I never thought I would move to Hawaii. In 2019 while we were in San Antonio, my husband got his PCS orders to Oahu when I was 8-month-pregnant with my third baby. Being married to a Soldier, I know that I would move to another state, and I wasn’t sure if I had to get licensed in Texas. However, I learned that I didn’t have to re-take the national portion of the test again once I got licensed in one state. I knew that studying for a test would be much harder with a baby, so I decided to get it done with. Shortly after getting licensed in Texas, we moved to Hawaii. My family and I immediately looked for a house in Hawaii because we already knew the importance of building equity by buying a home. Plus, the BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) for Hawaii was over 3,000, so my husband and I decided to invest it into paying for mortgage on our home instead of wasting it to pay rent. We already bought two homes in Texas, one in Austin and the other in San Antonio, and rented them out. Even with two investment properties, we were still able to buy a home with the VA loans. After we bought a home, had a baby, and settled down a bit, I started studying for the state portion of the Hawaii license exam. Then, I became a real estate agent in Hawaii in July 2020!

Published by Agent Journal

My name is Erica Yoon, and I am a real estate agent in Hawaii. I wanted to write about my journey to help my clients achieve their dreams of buying their first home, resolve tough real estate decisions, and also record my own growth as a professional agent. I hope this post will be helpful for readers as well.

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