A Girl With Many Dreams

When someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had an answer and then my answer changed so many times thereafter.

At some point, I wanted to be a fashion designer, diplomat, travel blogger, chef, singer, anchorwoman, writer, tour guide, song writer, pianist, international lawyer, you name it! However I never wanted to become a teacher or salesperson. There were just not my types of profession. But read on, and you will find out how I chose those very two professions later in my life! Life is so unpredictable!

I was born and raised in South Korea, and I stood out among my peers because I was very good at English. I was given an opportunity to visit Florida as an exchange student when I was in middle school for two weeks. The freedom and opportunities that were open to the students in the U.S. enticed me to work hard to go back to study there. Of course, my father was against it because the thought of sending his baby girl to a country across the Pacific Ocean was terrifying to him. Fast forward five years, I got into a small college in upstate New York, and I made many memories there.

I moved to California to go to grad school, and I happened to meet a guy that went to my church who later became my husband. I earned my master’s in Education with a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL). Finishing up my last year of grad school, I got married and started working as a part-time language instructor at CSUF. I got hired as a full-time instructor as soon as I finished my job. Honestly, I was so happy to get that job because it seemed impossible for an Asian girl whose native language was not English to get a teaching position to teach English to others. I was proud of myself for making it.

Then, my husband wanted to become an Army Chaplain, so we moved to Texas so that he could go to seminary there. I got a full-time teaching position at UT Austin and was very happy to work there. However, my husband got selected as an Army Chaplain and got stationed in Fort Hood TX, so I had to quit my job and follow him. Our military life as a family began there! Oh, we got baby #2 by this time, and I became a busy homeschooling mama of two boys! Military life had ups and downs, but we were excited about our Army life.

Published by Agent Journal

My name is Erica Yoon, and I am a real estate agent in Hawaii. I wanted to write about my journey to help my clients achieve their dreams of buying their first home, resolve tough real estate decisions, and also record my own growth as a professional agent. I hope this post will be helpful for readers as well.

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