Is Your Business Slow?

Are you worried if your business is slow? This thought just came to my mind today. I have to say that I’m kind of intentional about slow-pacing my business now. I used to post more Facebook posts to entice buyers and I did get quite a few buyer leads from them. However, I’m not really doing that. Instead, I’m using the time to do other things in my life these days. I would call it a “recharge time” for me.

There comes an opportunity cost for every decision we make. I just recently got off the team, Zeus Group Hawaii, for some personal reasons. I’ve had a great time being on the team, and I believe I grew to become a confident solo agent with great trainings and guidance from the leadership. It was a big change. I didn’t want to make a hasty decision for anything. I decided to take this time to re-evaluate my life in general, not only the business but also my personal life and family.

I came to a conclusion that it’s time for me to take care of my family and my health. The first year as a real estate agent, I closed 22 transactions and have 2 pending ones that will close soon. I made a little above 300K my first year in real estate, and honestly my production was above my expectations. However, everything comes with an opportunity cost. Even though I did make quite a lot of money, I did not have enough time to spend quality family time with my husband and three little children. I joined an online fitness group and started working out and eating healthy.

I’m also brainstorming every day to find out what could maximize my future production and still be present for important moments for my family and help our children thrive. Even though I don’t go showings or do open houses as often, I have more time to read books, study more about real estate investing, and listen to inspiring podcasts, and finally sit down to write my Agent Diary blogs. These are something that I couldn’t have done if my life was packed with back to back appointments.

I appreciate this time. Slower business, but I’m happy that I’m able to do all these other things to prep me to become a better person and agent. I cannot deny that I have this room because I already made good income this year. However, even if not, it doesn’t really matter. I’ll always remember that daily activities that seem like they’re not income-generating activities are still valuable if they nourish my body and mind and positively influence my relationship.

Taking one step back to go two steps. This slowness is good as long as I feel peace in it. I was always pretty anxious when deals don’t go the way I planned. Now I’m learning to mediate. I’m learning to lose that ‘go-go-go!’ mindset and embrace every moment that I have.

#DateAddressMLS #Price
18/14/2091-2180 Kaiwawalo 202015219$771,000 
28/14/2091-2030 Kaioli #5905 202016935$585,000 
312/10/202 1830 Wilikina #603 202028820$200,000 
412/10/202 1830 Wilikina #603 202028820$200,000 
512/17/201329 Kaihee #F202015781$290,000 
61/8/2191-1167 Kaimalie 202029287$750,000 
73/5/2192-1229 Hookeha 202101868$755,000 
83/17/2191-620 Kilaha #22 202018666$365,000 
93/18/2191-1159 Kamaaha #11D 202101655$420,000 
104/28/2191-882 Puhikani St202107358$825,000
115/6/2191-1010 Hookaahea St202106685$845,000
125/26/2191-1015 Keoneula Blvd #A2202107889$660,000
136/1/2191-1000 Kai Lea 202109790$1,020,000 
146/18/21Kikepa Street Unit #190202112123$790,000
156/21/2191-1046 Kaiko 202108495$1,235,000 
167/7/21300 Wai Nani Way Unit I1807202108768290000
177/9/2191-6635 Kapolei 202113075$885,000 
187/16/2194-072 Puanane 202113389$1,245,000 
197/22/2191-1681 Ula Ula LoopDR Horton$877,605.00 
207/30/21425 Ena Road #705A202115129$99,000 
218/5/217062 Kamilo St202114981$1,230,000 
228/12/2191-1542 Kuhiawaho Street202110286$716,100 
My First Year Real Estate Production

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My name is Erica Yoon, and I am a real estate agent in Hawaii. I wanted to write about my journey to help my clients achieve their dreams of buying their first home, resolve tough real estate decisions, and also record my own growth as a professional agent. I hope this post will be helpful for readers as well.

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